Military, First Responder, and School Teacher Appreciation Program

March 9, 2020

Impressions Real Estate is proud to offer our Military, First Responder, and school teacher *Appreciation Program for Home Buyers and Home Sellers

Our program is simple, If you are active or retired military, a first responder, or a school teacher we are offering an appreciation rebate up to 25% of our **earned commission. With the average home in Colorado Springs being $364,000 our average rebate to our clients under this program is: $2730.  This equates to one of the highest appreciation rebates available in the industry. 

We are:

Full service real estate agents focused on serving residential home buyers and sellers. 

- Members of the REALTOR® association which gives us access to all the homes listed for sale in the Colorado Springs area includes new builds. 

- Over 20 years experience in sales, marketing, and real estate in Colorado Springs.

- Top Ranked REALTOR®'s for over a decade.

- We help both home buyers and sellers

- Excellent client reviews on facebook and Google.

Appreciation Rebate Available to:  Click her to Verify Eligibility 

All Active and Retired Military


Medical and Dental Assistants

Wildlife Management

School Teachers
School Administration 

* Cannot be combined with any other offer, program or rebate. We reserve the right to cancel program at any time and for any reason. ** The average rebate is based on our averaging commission assuming a commission of 3% of purchase price. Commissions rates are not guaranteed and are subject to negotiations.